What is RUF?

Reformed University Fellowship (RUF) is an evangelical campus ministry serving Brown University & The Rhode Island School of Design. RUF is made up of students from many different backgrounds. It is part of the nationwide campus ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA). We welcome students from any and all walks of life! Check out our Purpose, Motivations, Goals, and Priorities.

What's in a Name?
The word "reformed" simply means that we hold to an historic understanding of Christianity. Though many today would claim that truth is relative or unknowable, we believe that Christianity stands upon very clear and specific truth claims. Jesus Himself said that we must believe who he claimed to be and hold to his teachings. In RUF, you are given opportunities to wrestle with the truth (through the Bible, God's Word), and to see that the gospel speaks to every area of life. Through exposure to truth, we hope that many will come to know the One who is truth, Jesus Christ.

Also, we believe that Christianity is not just a moral system. It has a moral system, but that is not what it is. Christianity is not intended to make us better people; the gospel makes us new people. It brings new life for those who are dead in sin, and brings hope for the hopeless. We believe that those who come to see that Jesus is the truth will also see that He is life and so be transformed in every part of their lives.


RUF exists to reach students for Christ and equip them to serve. It is the aim of RUF to be a ministry for the campuses of Brown & RISD, and not for ourselves. Our intent is to see Brown & RISD transformed by the power and beauty of the presence of Christ. God has placed you at Brown or RISD. Your calling as a student is to glorify God by diligently studying in whatever area He has gifted you, whether it be geology or grapic design, painting or pre-med. We also encourage you to involve yourself in all that campus life has to offer and serve in the Brown & RISD community.


But Christianity is not something that can be lived out alone. The believer is called to live within a very special community - the church. Because Christ loved the church and gave himself up for her, we gather together to worship Christ, to strengthen each other, enjoy life together, and face our struggles together. While RUF is an arm of the church on the campus, it is not a substitute for a local church. We encourage you to involve yourself in RUF as well as worship weekly in a Bible-believing church here in Providence.  If you don't have a church home here, we invite you to join us at Trinity Presbyterian Church just off campus!