Weekly Gathering

Every Friday night RUF gathers as a community of students from Brown, RISD, and other schools to learn to love and live together as Christians.

When: Every Friday @ 7pm

Where: Most weeks** we'll be in St. Stephens' Great Hall (at 114 George St., across the street from the Ratty). Some weeks, especially at the beginning of each semester, we may jump around a bit. See our calendar for week-by-week locations!

Who: All are welcome- all schools, all years, all religious backgrounds!

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**Our location will change occasionally. This is usually the case at the beginning of each semester, because of changes in on-campus space availability. Please check out our calendar to keep up-to-date on the week-by-week changes.

RUF Gathering!RUF Gathering!
Gathering is...

... for fellowship and friendship as a community united in Christ.

... for worship in song and testimony.

... for teaching of God's Word that impacts our hearts and re-orients our minds.

... for finding authentic answers to life's questions from the very Word of God.

No matter...

... if you're a Convinced Christian looking for a place to learn and love Jesus ...

... if you're an Unconvinced Questioner wanting to learn more about Christ...

... if you're not even sure just who or where you are...

Gathering is just the right place! All are welcome!

"For most of us it takes years and years to exchange our dream world for the real world of grace and mercy, sacrifice and love, freedom and joy.” --Eugene Peterson

Join us as we exchange the dream world for the real world by being embraced and equipped in the Grace of God!