Planning Retreat Registration WAITLIST!

Eddie Park on January 3, 2013


Wanna go deeper in RUF? That's why we have planning retreats. Far more than just planning, we want this to be an open time, with modest structure, to catch up with one other, to share with one another hopes and fears for the Spring semester, and pray for one another.

It's also a time to "read the gauges and tweak the dials" of RUF. How are things going? We'll go more explicitly through our programming, discussing key RUF activities: Gathering, Family Groups, Love In Action, and any other miscellanies as time allows.

Finally, we'll take all that we've discussed and actually plan the Spring semester, beginning to end. There's a lot to cover in such a short amount of time!

We'll be headed to Camp Canonicus, in Exeter, RI, from 4pm Fri 1/18 to 12pm Sun 1/20 (ending with worship together Sunday morning like we usually do). The cost is $90.

All who are interested in helping out with RUF, in little and big ways are invited! Deadline was Tue, Jan. 8. However, there is a waitlist! We do this in case there are last minute openings. To sign up on the waitlist, all we'll need is a refundable $25 deposit--refundable in the event a space does not open up.

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