Planning Retreat!

RUF's objective, as an Evangelical Christian campus ministry on the campuses at Brown, RISD, JWU and other Providence-area schools, is to promote the name of Jesus Christ, promulgate his gospel, and bring glory to God. As the Bible urges all Christians in all times and places, so does RUF endeavor to serve one another and our campus communities. How on earth are we supposed to do this? Where do we start? How can I help?

Planning retreat is a time that is precious to this ministry's health and vitality for three reasons: (1) We need to hear from God in his word, study the scriptures, and worship him together. (2) We need to get re-acquainted from the summer, share with one another, and pray for one another. (3) We need to brainstorm, discuss, and implement plans for the new year's outreach and ministry events. It's not overstating the facts of the matter that if we don't do this, it will hurt us as a team and the ministry we try to do. And so...

Date & Time: 4pm Tue. 8/27 to 12pm Fri. 8/30
Location: Camp Canonicus in Exeter-RI
Fee: $90 (Scholarships Available!)

All are welcome! The only requirement to be a leader is that you love RUF :) ...and you want to assist it in accomplishing its God-given mission and Spirit-led objectives on the campuses at Brown, RISD, JWU, and other Providence-area schools, all for the sake of Jesus Christ's renown. To register, you may use the links below. We hope you can join us!

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