For Upperclassmen

Come find a "family" away from home!

From a Sophomore CS at Brown struggling through projects and deadlines to a RISD "architorture" major, we all still need to find a community we can find "rest" in. RUF Family Groups want to be such a place.

Come join us each week for fellowship, prayer, and rich time in Bible Study that will build us together into caring communities of Brothers & Sisters in Christ.

RUF LadiesRUF Ladies

So whether you're new to RUF and you've never come to a "Bible Study" before in your life, or you're a regular at RUF Gathering on Fridays, we want to invite you all to find a new "family" this Fall!

All of our family groups (upperclass and freshmen) meet on Sundays Nights at 630pm. We meet on the third floor of Wilson Hall on Brown's Main Green. Spitting distance from RISD! Sign up through our online form!