For Freshmen

We were all first-years at one point, and we wanna help!

RUF Freshmen 10-11RUF Freshmen 10-11

We know the first year is exciting but tough. And we want to help make it more exciting and less stressful by providing a small community of other 1st year guys and girls with whom you can laugh, learn, pray, and grow.

Come join us each Sunday night @ 5pm on the third floor of Wilson Hall (on Brown's Main Green and a stone's throw away from RISD). All our Family Groups take place at this time in this place. We'll sing together as a big group, have a dessert, and then break up into our individual groups for Bible study at 530pm. Come for a chance to fellowship, pray, and grow together in God's word...

  • How do I grow as a Christian in such a challenging environment like Brown/RISD?
  • How should I process my Christianity in college?
  • How should a growing Christian face and resolve relational conflicts?
  • What does it mean to love others like Jesus loved?

These are just some of the many issues we'll explore together at Freshman Family Group as we study Learning to Love Like Jesus!

To learn more and let us know you are interested, just fill out the interest form and let us know!

This group meets Sunday nights @ 5pm, on the third floor of Wilson Hall on Brown's Main Green. Just a stone's throw away from RISD!