Still here even though you're gone!

Do you remember...

  • Friday night gatherings singing praise to God and growing in the gospel?
  • That small group where you really got to wrestle deeply with God's Word?
  • Those late-night conversations with non-Christian friends where you got to share about Christ?
  • Those friends who laughed, studied, cried and prayed with you through the joys and struggles of life in school?

We hope you do, because we remember you! We remember you as examples, servants, leaders and friends. All our beloved alumni/ae are cherished still as crucial partners to this ministry, partners in prayer and financial support. Even if it's been a little while longer since you gradated! Still, the patterns and traditions you set into motion during your student days--for instance with new student outreach, evangelism, trust-confidence relationships, mission trips, music ministry, Bible study leadership, community service, and so much more! All of these endure as the 'DNA' for current leaders and members to follow, to benefit from, and to improve upon. It's true!

May 2017 RUF Graduates

May 2017 RUF Graduates

It may have been 6 months, 6 years, or more since you walked through the Van Wickle Gates on your way into the world from Brown, or since you enjoyed the "spectacle” of a RISD commencement :-P ...However long it's been, we want to welcome you back! This includes plans for reunions at commencements and other key times throughout the academic year.

It is our belief in RUF that we carry on all the best traditions of gospel-centered, Bible-based ministry that HOPCF, PPCC, and Grace Covenant worked for so many years to establish and grow. Whether you were in RUF or any of the earlier iterations of the ministry at Brown, RISD, and other Providence-area colleges and universities, we hope and trust that you look back on your time in Providence with some healthy nostalgia. Likewise, it is our hope and trust that you look back on your time here as a spiritually significant period of your life. Please be in touch!

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