Family Groups

Family Groups are our small group Bible studies, small communities gathered around the word of God. Their basic purpose is two-fold: to learn and to grow; that is, to learn the Bible and grow spiritually.

Learning. We have to know as much of scripture as possible in life for they are the words of life. As we go along in life, we should become more familiar with its claims.

Growing. If all we did was know a lot about the Bible, there is a sense in which that can fall short. It can fall short if we fail to apply to our lives, our relationships with our friends, and the RUF community as a whole.

Let it not be so! Therefore, we have Family Groups, small communities gathered around God's word to learn and to grow together. Though some are staff-led, RUF's commitment is to have a majority of our small groups led by students for students. The Bible is not a "professionals-only" sort of book, but it is easily accessible to and understood by any and all who dare to explore its pages and claims. Thanks be to God!


Brown Freshmen Women Family Group

Eleanor Kim

Shirin Chen


Brown freshmen men family group

James Zhang

Chris Luo


RISD Freshmen Family Group

Lillian Krieger


Brown Upperclassmen women Family Group

Lucy Duan

Eleanor Kim



Brown Upperclassmen Family Group

Eugene Kim


RISD upperclassmen Family Group

Sam Kim


JWU upperclassmen family group

Chris Miller