Communications Team

Real Community requires Real Communication...

RUF's Communication Team is here to help that happen!

The Communication Team works to promote relationships within the fellowship through various means of communication, as well as promote the fellowship in its activities to the campus at large.

There are several committees that help to fulfill part of its work:

  • Directory Committee- This group of students volunteer to help collect and maintain contact information, email list, etc. for the use of members of the fellowship to help promote growth in relationships in RUF.
  • Newsletter & Advertising Committee- This is a group of students with a desire to serve the community by creating and placing various advertising tools to promote our ministry to our campuses (posters, banners, Daily Jolt ads, etc.). They also take the initiative to organize and publish a regular newsletter to the fellowship that serves to connect us to others beyond our immediate circle of friends.

Fill out a form and let us know how you'd like to help!