Fall Conference

  • Camp Berea

Fall Conference is fast approaching! From Friday evening to mid-day Sunday, 9/30-10/2, The Rev. Joseph Pensak (former RUF minister at UConn and church planter in Burlington, VT) will be speaking from scripture on Vocation, Calling, and the Kingdom of God. Also there will be all sorts of free time and free-time activities like pool tables, ping pong, foosball, sports, a camp fire, hiking, paintball... a 24-hour gym and cafeteria--with wifi, hot chocolate and coffee, and so it's good for studying! We'll be joining with RUFs from BU, Harvard, MIT and UConn. Looks to be a fun time; sign up today!

Details, the practical sort you'll need to know for the weekend, are here below:

IF YOU SIGNED UP, we are assuming you're coming and we will wait for you. If you've changed your mind, you MUST let LTS know right away. This is important so we know who to expect on Friday.
"Okay, I'm coming! What do I bring?!"
Please pack lightly, because every seat in the bus will be taken as well as many other vehicles. We will have to stuff bags under seats and in other nooks and crannies. Small duffels will be the best to help us save space.
1- Please bring final payment for the retreat costs. Ashley Wu will be checking everybody in, getting everyone on the bus, and off to Camp Berea. You can pay by cash, card, or check made out to RUFBrown. I'm sorry, we can't allow you to go unless you've paid in full. So please make sure to remember that!
2- Paintball: If you'd like to go paintballing, please bring the appropriate outdoor clothing that can get dirty. It's paintball after all. Also, rain repellant in the event of rain--duh. Paintball is an extra $25 (for 18+ years old). If you want extra paintball rounds, it's another $5 per extra 100 rounds--for the trigger-happy RUFer. And you know who you are! We would recommend it, because in a combat situation, you don't want to be without ammo. Pearl of wisdom, we know.
3- Pillow, sleeping bag, towel (and indoor shower shoes if you like!). It's going to be in the 40s at night, and in the 60s by day. Hebron, NH is the town where we're going if you wanna check the weather yourself. There is rain in the forecast for Saturday! Also, indoor sports clothes (t-shirts, shorts, sneakers) for the indoor gym where there's dodgeball, volleyball, basketball, shuffleboard, and... carpetball? Ask us when we get there.
4- Bibles, notebooks and pens
5- Sunday clothes for church. We'll be attending First Presbyterian Church of Concord, NH on Sunday. So you'll want Sunday clothes for that.
6- We will have several small group discussions and prayer times over the weekend that'll be organized by family groups. This is a great way to ask your questions and have great discussion. Also, if you haven't yet plugged into family groups, this is a great way to start!
7- The retreat will start at 9pm Friday night, and ends after church around noontime or so. The church always provides us with a generous meal afterward! And the bus should roll back into Prov. by 3pm at the latest.
Departing Location & Time:
Pick up will be at J. Walter Wilson (Brown's mailroom) at 5pm.
LTS will be there checking people in. They'll check you in, collect any remaining fees, and get you on the bus. Please eat ahead of time or bring something to eat, and make sure to use the bathroom beforehand. The bus will not be stopping for food or bathroom breaks. With the number of people and the distance we have to travel, it's too difficult to do that. So we appreciate you working things out beforehand.
Late Rides are for those who indicated they need a late ride, pick up time will be 6pm at J. Walter Wilson. Matt Tso will check people in, collect remaining fees, and roll out.
JWU folks, welcome!! We will have leaders at Cilantro on Weybosset at 430p to gather people and walk together to J. Walter Wilson.
Whether you're on the bus or late rides, please be on time! If you miss the bus, it is not a given that you'll be able to catch a late right. Late rides are prioritized for those who specified a need ahead of time.
Last but not least, please pray for a great, safe, and restful weekend! We'll see you soon!

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